What is Perfect Money?
Perfect Money is a digital currency that is used to transact businesses online with most e-commerce sites. Perfect Money is 100% irrevocable payment system with which you can send or receive money from anyone in the world. It is widely acceptable and used by millions of people worldwide.

How do I get an account in Perfect Money system?
Creating Perfect Money account is VERY EASY, FREE and it takes less than a minute (no credit card check). All you need is to fill in a form on Perfect Money site.

What is a batch number?
The batch number is a number assigned by the Perfect Money system to each related group of transactions. The batch number appears on all Perfect Money Spend confirmations and appears as well in your Perfect Money account history. The same batch number appears in the respective account histories of both Spender and Recipient; therefore, the batch number is a useful reference when communicating about an Perfect Money Spend.

Why am I been asked to undergo KYC verification before you give me your bank account details?.  Must I undergo this verification?
Yes, we are sincerely sorry to make you undergo this necessary legal procedure. It is a free one time exercise that you will need to go through as a first time buyer via payments into our bank account(s). We considered this necessary inorder to know you better, to provide more quality service  to you and to protect you our valued customer and ourselves against fraud.  If you are uncomfortable with this procedure, we suggest you please come over to our office to make payment for instant funding without any verification.

Must I be verified before buying Perfect Money from your company?

Yes, you must be verified before buying perfect money from us. This is to secure you as our customer and our business also. We would not send you our bank account details until you first register and we verify your KYC documents.

How long would it take you to verify my documents before buying into my Perfect Money account?

Normally valid documents verification should take within an hour or two however if there are discrepacies it may take a little longer.  To avoid delay, please ensure documents submitted are as requested and legibly clear in appearance.

Can I open more than one Perfect Money account?
Yes, provided that you keep your account information valid, current and abide by the terms of the operator of Perfect Money. Please visit Perfect Money website for more information.

Why does the value in my account keep changing?
The amount of e-currency in your account is accounted by weight. This amount will only change when an amount is received into your account. You can view these transactions and the amount of e-currency credited/debited to your account using the History function of the Perfect Money Account Manager.

What is Turing number?
Turing number is a randomly generated image that displays a series of digits. A user attempting to login to his or her account must be able to read back the digits and correctly echo them back to the Perfect Money website. The purpose of the Turing number is to prevent automated access to accounts.
For the visually impaired, an audible turing number is available which provides the same benefits of the turing number, except that it is presented audibly rather than visually.

Do you accept internet banking payments?
Yes we do (upto a certain amount limit),
you can make payment to us via your internet bank account to our bank account provided that the account name is domiciled in your personal name (ie from your personal bank account name only) with which you are making the transfer.  Payments must be made from your verifiable personal bank account ONLY.  If you make payment outside of your verifiable personal bank account, we would put your payment on hold and  inform the bank until we have the account holder's consent of payment we would not fund your account.  Please send us an email stating your personal bank account details and your GSM no if interested.

How can I buy or sell my Perfect Money?

Simple. All you have to do in to visit our website get verified (Pls bookmark our website for easy access) to get our current buying and selling rates, fill our form,  pay to our bank account, send Perfect Money and bank payment details to 08097015999 and we would credit your account after we confirm your payment.

What are your rates for selling and buying Perfect Money?
Our rates vary with the prevailing market prices and forces but we can assure you that we have the best rates around. Just visit our website and you will see our buying and selling rates, calculate how much your order will cost at the current rate on our website.

I observed that some others sell "cheaper" than you sell?
Quite frankly, periodically you may encounter such lower rates,
our advise to you is to be cautious.  From our own investigation we observed that some deliberately sell lower than the rest just to hood wink you to buy from them, while some others may just be for fraudulent purposes. Our findings also reveal that most of these people only have a sizeable amount of digital currency and once exhausted continuity cannot be guaranteed.  Act wisely, buy only from exchangers that have verifiable registered offices (not homes nor laptops) and have been in business for a reasonable period of time.

How am I sure that after paying into your bank account, you will not defraud me?
We want you to be rest assured that when you pay to our bank account that you can go to sleep knowing fully well that we shall surely fund your PM account. We have been tried and tested for 20 years, we have had large sums of money paid into our bank accounts without any problems. Please ensure you send your Perfect Money account and the bank payment details to us after payment.

How long does it take for you to fund my Perfect Money account?
Normally for instant funding we fund your account within 10 to 60 minutes. However, for delayed funding it takes anywhere between 24 hours to working 5days depending on the funding option you choose to fund your account with and if for any reason there is a delay or we cannot fund your account, we will issue a refund.

I noticed that the amount I got is slightly less than what I paid for after funding?
If you read the agreement you agreed to while opening your Perfect Money account you will notice that Perfect Money has a transaction fee of 1% upto $2.99 max for receiving accounts. This means that the company charge every receiving account a transaction fee.

How safe is my funds in my Perfect Money account?
The Perfect Money system is designed to be absolutely free of any financial risk. There can be no debt or contingent liabilities associated with Perfect Money. Moreso Perfect Money has 4 login pages to further protect your funds, provided nobody have access to your login details your account is safe. You may also safeguard your account by downloading Liberty guard from the home page of perfect money website ONLY.

What is my password? What happens if I lose it? How do I recover a lost password?
Your password is the key that opens your account. Your password is stored in Perfect Money database in encrypted form, so that even we cannot learn it. Never reveal your password to anybody - not even to an employee of Perfect Money. If you forget your password, this may help you to remember:
Your password is at least six characters long
Your password contains both letters and digits.
Capitalization matters.

Do I need appointment to buy from your office?
Absolute not, you do not need an appointment though we would appreciate a prior phone call before you visit to personally buy (upto a certain limit) from our office provided that it is still within our bank's working hours. However for large orders we require you to please pay into our bank account as we would not accept large cash deposit in our office, for security reasons.

How do I get to know when there is an update on any new services you offer and your current exchange rates?

We sincerely want you to please subscribe to our FREE newsletter so that you will be the 1st to get updates on our discounts, special offers, FREE stuffs etc. Just subscribe for free updates by submitting your correct details and also remember to modify your details if they change.

Can I Invest My Perfect Money With You?
Yes you can invest your used Perfect Money with us for a given period of time for a percentage in fee.  Please note it must be "clean money", any money fraudulent money deposited with us will be seized and legal action taken against the investor.

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My question is not answered here. What should I do?
Please send us an email or fill the form on our contact page