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Funding of Perfect Money Begins

Liberty Reserve Shut Down
The Liberty Reserve System went offline about some minutes to 4pm on Friday 24th May 2013 but has not come up till now, why? See

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Starting soon
A new way to receive Western Union transfers online in Nigeria

You can now receive Western Union money transfers from your business associates, friends and family around the world into your mobile wallet/bank account WITHOUT CHARGE and without going to the bank.  You can now relax in the comfort of your home, your workplace or almost anywhere and direct the funds into your mobile wallet/bank account. Read more

Started sale of liberty reserve via mobile money transfer

Started wholesale selling of liberty reserve to resellers or bulk buyers at a much cheaper price, cheaper than our official selling prices. See our offers for the week for more details.

Started registration/verification of data (ie KYC documents) for bank paying customers for buying Liberty Reserve via our bank account(s). Cash funding without verification continues in office.


Funding of Liberty Reserve Begins

P.C. Controllers Ltd  started e-gold loan scheme via our defunct website

PC Controllers Ltd has just launched a loan scheme whereby e-gold merchants can loan us some e-gold and get paid periodic interest plus principal.

PC Gold Bonanza Prices

Bonanza prices now available for special orders.

e-gold blocks Nigerian IPs
Due to suspected fraud, e-gold team have decided to block major Nigerian ISPs & IPs from accessing their website.