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Please read and agreed with our terms and policy before transacting with us.

Clicking on submit or making payments into our bank account, or payments made by other methods  means you have read and agreed with our terms and policy.

1 . "We" refers to P.C. Controllers Ltd and "You" refers to anyone using the services of instantfunders.com (a division of P.C. Controllers Ltd.)
2.  That you know and agree that we are not a financial institution and we are not a subsidiary of Perfect Money nor any other e-currency operator(s), neither are we a licensed e-currency exchanger.
3 . That we are an independent E-currency Exchange Service Provider.
4 . That we offer our services to only persons resident in Nigeria.
5. That spent monies is irreversible. That you are responsible for supplying us with your correct e-currency account number, we usually ignore account name.  In the event that the e-currency account number (NOT account name) you sent to us is wrong or you do not even have an ecurrency account number that we can send money into then you will be financially liable for the loss. That we will not be financially liable for any losses incurred as a result of your mistake.
6.  That you will use your own hand to fill your account name and account number when you come to our office, that even if our staff fills these details on your behalf you are still liable.
7.  That if par chance we do not fulfil your order due to unforeseeable circumstances then you will be entitled to a full refund if the fault is on our part. Whereas if the fault is from your own side, provided your account has not been funded a 5% expense charge would be deducted from your refund.
8.  That if you solitarily decide to cancel an unfulfilled order it must be done within 48 hours for you to get a full refund else after this said time if refund is to made it would be at our buying rate as shown on our website.
9.  That if by reason of force majeure or the e-currency operator suddenly closes down we are NOT legally bound to perform any contractual obligation(s) whatsoever we may have entered into with you.
10. That you will NOT use our services for money laundering/fraudulent activities.
12. That we will keep records of all transactions and we will make them available to relevant authorities if necessary.
13. That you agree that you will be responsible for Perfect Money transfer charges ie when we transfer e-currency into your account and it gets to your account lesser than what we transfered.
14. That you will notify us via our website when you make payment into any of our bank accounts. That such notifications(s) must be via our bank notification page on our website ONLY and not through email or SMS, though we may at our discretion waiver this condition if need be.
15. That after payment you will check if your perfect money account has been funded with what you paid for and notify us within 24 to 48 hours if the agreed money is not in your perfect money account else we shall not be financial liable for any loss.
16. That when suspicious/fraudulent funds are detected we reserve the right to withold such funds until proven otherwise thereafter we may release the funds ONLY to the originating bank account owner or the registered owner's bank details on our file.
17. That if you are making payments via internet banking platform, that you must be a verified customer and the payments you make MUST be from your verified personal bank account ONLY.
18. That you are at least 18 years and above of age.
19. We respect the privacy of our clients and will not share your information with anybody unless by a court order or as may be required by government agencies.
20. To provide a scanned copy of recent utility bill or bank statement showing current address of residence. User may be asked to provide a scanned copy of signed agreement confirming user’s order Signature on the agreement must match signature on the ID or driver’s license.
21. All transactions should be concluded within 24 hours or more. If there is any delay, we may call, email or send you an SMS to notify you why. However instantfunders.com cannot guarantee or warrant any specific time frame to complete a purchase or exchange of any currency. The length of certain transactions may not be under the control of instantfunders.com due to the interaction of companies not controlled by instantfunders.com.  instantfunders.com is not liable for any delay that is caused by issues beyond instantfunders.com control.
22. E-currency orders are final. You can not request a refund once e-currency has been deposited into your stated account. Where refund is granted a surcharge of 5% of amount requested would be withheld as our expenses.
23. We discourage cash payments in our office. We encourage that all transactions be made through our bank accounts (which may be given after we receive your KYC documents) and other channels of payments for safety and accounting purposes.
24. We reserve the right to amend these terms as we deem fit.
25. That you agree to be bound by these terms as stated herein.

Last updated Monday 6th of April 2015

We reserve the right to change content herein with or without any prior notice.

Please visit this page before or when transacting with us for any changes.  Please feel free to contact us with any specific privacy questions you may have.

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