Buy Ethereum at N460 to 1USD and get funded within 10minutes (cash paying/verified customers ONLY). Offer valid till Friday 31st July 2020 or till when stock last. Minimum buy is $100

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You get your Perfect Money account funded at a cheap price, cheaper than the office retail price
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We surely deliver on our promise
Please fill the form stating your desired amount etc and we would get back to you.
Sms the amount paid, the name and number on your teller, your phone number, your PM account name and number after payment

WHOLESALE BUYING RATE:- Buy minimum purchase of $500 to $ XX,000 and pay amount lesser than our office price. Funding days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 8am - 12noon Only. Payments outside this period are treated are as next day's transaction.

Same day Funding if paying with dollars:- US dollar + 2% (our service fee) + $25 (ie bank transfer fees) account to be credited same day.

Delayed Funding :- US dollar + 2% of dollar (our service fee) + $60 (bank transfer fees) account to be credited after 3 working days. Minimum buy $1,000.

Dollar 4 Dollar funding (ie give us physical dollars and get amount into your perfect money account):- US dollar + 0% (no fee) + $100 (bank transfer fees) account to be credited after 5 working days. Min. buy $1,000

All fees to be paid into our bank account number (to be given on request).  Please do not bring cash to our office.

Amount above $1,000 may attract different bank transfer fee. Please ask for details.

All Payments MUST be made between 8am - 12noon into our bank account  Click Here to Buy